A sanctuary for creating balance and wisdom in work.

Coworking with COVID Response:

For a while, physical distancing is going to be part of the new normal in the shared workspace. Even so, working together and making connections will be as important as ever. Coworking with Wisdom is committed to these principles, and will increase sanitation, re-organize personal spacing and implement relevant signage so we can work together mindfully in a safe environment.


The Co-working with Wisdom program grows out of Dharma College’s mission to make the teachings of the Buddhist wisdom tradition available to modern society in new and innovative ways. It expresses an approach known as Skillful Means, which uses the challenges of work for spiritual insight and individual growth, for the benefit of ourselves and others.


What if you could have the best productivity, mindfulness, and wellness classes right at your fingertips?

What if the best stress management, success, and time management methods were a part of your regular workday?

Just think: How much more could you get done?

We decided the world needed a new kind of coworking space—where work is balanced with ancient wisdom, mindful practice, and whole-person embodiment.

Working with Wisdom means going home more refreshed, happier, and getting the real work done, with greater ease.

We’d love to welcome you to our space.

Especially in the heart of Downtown Berkeley. 

Our world needs our care, inspiration and service now, more than ever.

That is why we have created CoWorking with Wisdom as a space where you can offer your best, by being your best.

This is the extraordinary potential of being waiting to unfold in each one of us.

What Others Are Saying

“What really distinguishes CoWorking with Wisdom is its staff...”

“I facilitate numerous meetings throughout the Bay Area in many different locations - this is one of the best! The room is sunny and cheerful, there are breakout rooms available, and the convenient location in downtown Berkeley is great. What really distinguishes CoWorking with Wisdom is its staff.. . .the service really can't be beat. Everyone, and Eben in particular, attended to our every need, was super welcoming, and was flexible to changes in what we needed. Thank you for supporting our successful meetings!”
—Miriam Abrams, Google Reviews

“The place is nearly too good to be true...”

“...high ceilings, endless natural light, ample desk space and outlets, standing desk opportunities, free coffee and tea, free yoga and creative open spaces. Add in that it's a group with a worthy and welcoming mission, and this place is one of those rare gems that's not to be missed. Great value, too.”
—Peter Petracca, Google Reviews

“I can't imagine a more perfect work scenario....”

“...Beautiful building. Friendly, helpful and inspirational staff. AND there is space to recover your mind and body while at work. Meditation and yoga rooms so that you can rejuvenate yourself and make your work even better. While here I am comfortable and focused. You can't get any better.”
—Melissa Forester, Google Reviews

“I tried every other coworking space in Downtown Berkeley and this one is my favorite.”

“The space is beautiful and the customer service is excellent. I tried every other coworking space in Downtown Berkeley and this one is my favorite.”
—Lina Buffington, Google Reviews

“CoWorking with Wisdom is a dream work environment!”

“CoWorking with Wisdom is a dream work environment! The kind folks who manage the space embody care and have created a place where productivity is complemented by daily opportunities for wellness and self care. Wonderful teachers lead meditation, yoga, and posture breaks that you can step into to ground, pause, and uplift. It feels energizing to share space with and learn from people doing such a variety of good work in the world.”
—Sofia Marbach, Google Reviews

“Head and shoulders above any other co-working space I've seen or worked in...”

“Work on your projects or business differently than the usual co-working place: Refreshingly peaceful, elegant, highly functional, beautiful, inspiring, with added bonuses of meditation and yoga available. High ceilings, light filled, comfortable, fresh new furniture, a cafeteria, tea and coffee station. Spacious and quiet. Head and shoulders above any other co-working space I've seen or worked in. More affordable too. Conveniently round the corner from the central Berkeley BART station, plenty of busses, and a safe place to put your bike. Bike and walk score of 100. Best of the best. Especially if you want to concentrate and get work done.”
—Pamela Crawford, Google Reviews

“I found the most Berkeley-esque co-working space possible!“

After checking out the various co-working spaces in Berkeley, I selected the Coworking with Wisdom space. Attentive and friendly staff, quiet (but not oppressively so) working environment, lovely lounges and stocked dining area, and plenty of space. You never feel like you are stacked on top of another person. As a member, you also get to benefit from the classes offered by Dharma College, to include yoga and meditation classes. 

Location is right by the downtown Berkeley BART, where trains and buses and Ford GoBikes are plentiful. Several gyms (I am at the YMCA) are within blocks.

As a recent Berkeley transplant, I feel that I found the most Berkeley-esque co-working space possible!

—Scott Barney, Google Reviews

“The staff has consistently gone above and beyond...”

“My workplace (the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley) has rented this space several times over the past few months for trainings and meetings. The staff--Eben in particular--has consistently gone above and beyond what I consider the responsibilities of a place we'd rent from. They provided fresh water (with oranges and lemons), coffee and cups for our participants, cheerfully put up and took down the projector screen when we changed our minds about our needs, made copies when we forgot to bring ours, and even provided socks (we could keep) to those of us who had forgotten that we were encouraged to take our shoes off. The space we rented is sunny and bright and very pleasant, as well as reasonably priced.”
—Sharon Dolan, Google Reviews

“Highly recommend!!”

“Beautiful and peaceful place with the friendliest staff on earth! They have yoga and meditation rooms, big dinning space and lots of peace and love. We love it here!”
—Pouria Mojabi, Google Reviews

“CWW is a gem in the sea of coworking options in the Bay Area...”

“...If you're looking for a place to focus, retreat from the hype of a fast-paced, loud environment, and find positive and peaceful energy, this is an awesome place to work. Eben and the CWW crew are a fantastic support of all our work styles and missions. I use the yoga room (down the hall) on an almost daily basis, and the location is fantastic (across the street from a great Cafe for lunch meetings, and the Berkeley library for my own explorations). I'm a solo-entrepreneur with a dedicated desk, business keeps getting better since I joined, and I appreciate the company and friendliness of the other coworkers. LOVE THIS PLACE!”
—Michelle Vigen, Google Reviews

“Go there!”

“Great place to work: calm, perfectly located, and very spacious. Looking to balance work and well-being? Go there!”
—Pierre Megret, Google Reviews

“Highly recommend!!”

“Joined in early November and have very much enjoyed the environment, the super-accommodating staff, the convenient Bart access and the community. Highly recommend!!.”
—Ashley Zehnder, Google Reviews

Our Mission

Our community invites you to find a home here, a place of peace and caring. Whether you come to Dharma College to work, to take courses, or to attend a meeting or event, you will be surrounded by people who wish the world well.

Our background in the Tibetan wisdom tradition, although it is expressed entirely in secular terms, encourages us to provide guidance in self-exploration, in uncovering the extraordinary potential of being contained within every one of us, and in discovering ways to live a more balanced, considerate, and fulfilling life.

If you are interested, just ask. It's why we're here.