Member Benefits

We offer classes in meditation and time management and many other classes included in our CoWorking Memberships, and at a very reasonable cost to the community at large.

Attention to Well Being

Our whole model is based on living well with attention to body, mind and spirit. If you come here, you'll be signing up for a membership that invites you to take the free classes within our Living Wisdom calendar. If you and your colleagues are happy at work, it translates into your productivity.

Mindfully Clean

We are passionate about keeping our place clean and tidy. It is part of incorporating mindfulness into our work space.

Caring Staff

We have a dedicated community manager who looks after your needs. Our mission is to make sure that you have a work-life balance and to encourage you to drink water and take that 30-minute yoga or meditation class during the week!

Membership Events

We have beautiful lobby space in a historically landmarked building that is conducive to member gatherings. We also have a cafe area where catered events can take place. We believe in inviting your community into our space to make inspiring and memorable events.

Conference Room

We have dedicated conference rooms to which all members have access to for allocated hours during the month.


we've got a state of art color printer where members are given a password for their allocated copies given each month.

Gigabit Internet

We've got great internet speed on all three floors.


Access to projector

Fresh coffee and herbal teas

We have freshly brewed coffee and herbal teas in our member's lobby for Coworking with Wisdom.

Tree_web_natural-background Coworking

Find Your Complete Path

There is no single path to self-realization. Everyone brings their own perspective, hopes, and challenges. To help you forge your own way, Dharma college offers a wide variety of classes, workshops, and public talks. Our programs sit at the crossroads of Eastern spirituality and Western intellectual pursuits. While they’re rooted in ancient teachings, they continue to evolve continuously with each new student and each new conversation.

Your co-working membership comes with free access to all 100 level classes.

Your Next coworking space in Berkeley

We have a range of coworking memberships that starts from just 465 USD / Month. whether you are an individual or a group we have the right solution to get you started. 

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